What Would MacGyver Do?

Är det inte en fråga man ställer sig dagligen i olika sammanhang? Snart finns det dock hjälp, och du kan bidra till slutresultatet!

What Would Macgyver Do?
True Stories of Improvised Genius in Everyday Life

What is What Would MacGyver Do?
What Would MacGyver Do? is a book-in-progress. When it is finished, it will be a collection of 75 to 100 original stories by and about people who have exercised MacGyver-like ingenuity in solving their everyday problems. The stories will be selected and edited by Brendan Vaughan, an editor at Esquire magazine.

What does this Web site have to do with the book?
This site is designed to collect submissions for possible inclusion in the book. These submissions will be written by people–like yourself, perhaps–who have MacGyvered their way out of a sticky situation. Not sure whether you’ve ever pulled a MacGyverism? Maybe these sample stories will jog your memory. Then submit your own.

Boken kommer att kunna köpas från (till exempel) AdLibris från november, men sidan där man kan skicka in egna MacGyverismer verkar fortfarande vara aktiv, så skynda på! 😀