Sämst i NFL?

Ethan Albright Ethan Albright spelar amerikansk fotboll i Washington Redskins och, om man ska tro spelet Madden NFL Football 2007, så är han sämst i hela ligan med 53 (av 100) i ”overall rating”.

Detta fick honom att skriva ett mail till John Madden där han uttrycker ett visst missnöje över betygsättningen. 😉

Om man ska vara trist och sanningsenlig så verkar det inte som om han egentligen var den som skrev brevet, men det är ändå rolig läsning! 😀

It’s also pretty wonderful that my awareness rating was 59. You make it sound like I wake up in the morning, helplessly shit and piss myself, then lose three of my teeth before I discover that I am trying to eat a rock for breakfast.

I have received the impression that you feel that I am lacking in the agility category. I should consider a walk through my living room where I don’t crash through a wall or kick over furniture a resounding success.

I was rated with a throwing power of 17 and accuracy of 16.

My horrible passer ratings are of greatest misfortune to my son, Red Beard Jr. The poor boy is not only hideously ugly and covered by freakishly large freckles. He also has to suffer through playing catch with me and my senile-elderly-woman-type passer ratings. A session of tossing the pigskin usually consists of me missing my son by thirty yards in sporadic directions.